Hemp Seed Body Butter - 1 oz

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Hemp Seed Body Butter - 1 oz
Hemp Seed Body Butter - 1 oz

Our signature Hemp Seed Body Butter is now available in a portable 1 oz jar! This size is perfect for the holiday season as you can throw it in your handbag or gift it to a coworker at your office party. The whipped buttery consistency is great for moisturizing dry skin and keeps you "glowed up" for the entire day.  Get this convenient jar in all four scents.

Original Scent: Light, fruity scent that captures the aroma of strawberries, passion fruit, and peaches-  to name a few!

Rose gold:   Bold, floral scent that fuses rose, lilac and a splash of lavender to leave you feeling delicate and fresh! 

Cinnamon Citrus: Warm, spicy scent with a unique citrus zest!

Midnight Dusk:  crisp, confident and inviting men’s scent that incorporates juniperberry and white sage.

**For more detailed information on the medicinal benefits, see the product posting for the "Hemp Seed Body Butter"***


Bianca applied the Hemp Seed Body Butter and was wowed…