CBD Love Balm- 150 MG

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CBD Love Balm- 150 MG
CBD Love Balm- 150 MG
CBD Love Balm- 150 MG

The "Love in a Jar" CBD Balm is formulated with 150 mg of CBD, and uses synergistic essential oils.  It's peppermint-menthol scent will leave you refreshed and invigorated the moment you open the jar.  When you rub our Healing Balm onto your joints, the CBD uses its anti-inflammatory qualities to provide immediate and long-lasting relief on your specific body part.

Don’t let joint pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue keep you back from living a full life. If you find yourself feeling sore, just rub some of the balm on and wait for the "love" in the jar to take action! Feel free to use our Healing Balm as a massage oil as well. It's perfect for those back rubs after a long day and it smells amazing! 

  • Made with 7 unique plant extracts.
  • 150 mg of CBD
  • All-natural & organic ingredients
  • Rich natural peppermint- menthol scent
  • Treats arthritis, inflammation, muscle fatigue, soreness, joint pain
  • Hand-made with love 

Be aware that these claims are not supported by the FDA 

Major Benefits of CBD Healing Balm

  • Treats arthritis, inflammation, muscle fatigue, soreness, joint pain, and headaches.
  • Packed with 150 mg of CBD
  • Made with 7 unique plant extracts including echinacea, and calendula.
  • Lab-tested CBD

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Wanida used the product to cure her thyroid surgery scar …

Chelsa got her pain treated forever with the CBD Healing Balm…



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