Why You Should Start Using CBD Balm

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why you should start using cbd balm for your skin


Cannabis products are shooting to the top of the trends right now as its therapeutic qualities become widely accepted in beauty and alternative health. . They have become so popular that it’s beginning to become awkward not to know or learn about them.

About a month ago, I ran into an old friend while walking the wideroad that leads to my street.  As we embraced each other and exchanged hellos, he spotted the cannabis branding on my t-shirt and couldn't hide his surprise. 

Like many other people not in the know, he expressed his disapproval and questioned  me. To him, any association with cannabis meant you were not  a decent person. 

I took the opportunity to educate him about medicinal benefits of cannabis and other positives of the wonder plant. I also explained the two major components of cannabis; cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

He was dumbfounded as he confirmed everything I explained with a brief Google search.  He was even surprised to learn that CBD doesn't get people high despite how strongly it relieves inflammation and pain.  Don’t be like my friend, be informed! In this blog post, we will explain why you should start using a CBD topical called CBD balm.

Join us!


CBD, which is the short form for cannabidiol, is one of the various active compounds obtained from the cannabis plant. CBD has made itself so useful as various products can be derived  from it. Some of which includes:

  • CBD infused lotions, creams, and balms (Topicals)
  • CBD edibles such as pills, gummies, truffles, and mints
  • CBD oil and a lot more products.

CBD topicals are the best cannabis product for skincare and relief from aches and pains around  the body. CBD topicals come in different forms such as creams, lotions, and balms, which are infused with CBD for direct application  to the skin.

Various researches have proven CBD tropicals effective for the management of pain and soreness associated with arthritis. Among the CBD topicals, CBD balms and salves remain the commonly used and most popular.


CBD balm is from the family of the CBD topicals. They are often sticky and waxy and almost solid. 

The difference between CBD balms and salves is that salves are often softer than balms., They both have waxes and fatty oils as base ingredients, whereas creams and lotion use water.

As mentioned earlier, CBD balms and salves are the most popular CBD products. This is not only because they have an aromatic scent but also because they bring quick relief to the body parts it is applied to.

How it works

CBD balms have a faster therapeutic effect compared to CBD oil, which is one of the advantages it has over CBD oils. Unlike CBD oils, balms can be applied directly to the skin, and its effect is almost immediate.. It does not  need to be absorbed into the bloodstream before its impact is noticed. 

After CBD balms have been applied, the fatty base in which the CBD is infused helps the CBD  travel alongside other useful compounds across the skin's cell membrane. When it enters the body, the CBD starts to exert its function on the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is known to contain receptors that receive stimuli of pain, which trigger its action. The synergistic relationship between  CBD and the ECS is believed to improve some of the body’s internal processes.

The relative impermeability of the skin blooks substances from going directly into the skin. This, in turn, reduces the absorption of CBD. To counteract this, you have to apply CBD balms generously to achieve a faster result.


 CBD balms  have earned a badge of credibility in skincare because of its therapeutic qualities.  CBD balms are typically applied  directly to the skin, rather than ingested like CBD oils. Most people feel an impact on the spot of application almost immediately. CBD balms are beneficial in the following ways:

  • CBD balm is a pain reliever

    Different studies have revealed that CBD balm is a powerful  pain alleviator for different pain types-- inflammatory pain, joint pains, arthritis pain, and lots more. Even though CBD balms don't enter into the bloodstream, they engage with the ECS receptors located at the pain’s location to effect their action on the pain spot. The HR CBD balm is a perfect one for nerve and muscle pain. 

    • CBD balms can greatly improve your skincare routine

      The American Academy of Dermatology has suggested that CBD balms can reduce skin inflammation in its accurate concentration. It is known to add value to remedies for skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. 

      In other words, using CBD balms will not only relieve your dry skin, but it will also reduce your eczema flares, as well as relieve acne and psoriasis.  The underlying factor  that these skin conditions have in common is inflammation, so if CBD balms subdue inflammation, CBD balms also calm these conditions.

      •  CBD treats dry skin and wrinkles effectively

      Your dry, scaly skin can be restored with the help of an effective CBD balm. This is because CBD balms help nourish and moisturize any skin type. 

      Furthermore, CBD balms stimulate oil production. Scaly skin and wrinkles are obvious, especially when the skin is dry. If CBD balms  can stimulate oil production on dry skin, then you can expect the appearance of wrinkles and scales to get much better.

      Other benefits of CBD balms

      CBD balms can be your best buddy for the following conditions...


      There is no technicality that specifies  how CBD balms should be used. It is so easy that even a toddler can use it conveniently. The only thing to be mindful of is the quality of your CBD balm. It's important to use a reliable CBD balm free of heavy metals and pesticides.

      Also, note that CBD balms are not like the body creams applied throughout the body. We recommend that you use the CBD balm on targeted parts of the body so that you notice its effects.

      To use a CBD balm, gently massage a generous amount  of the CBD balm into the skin, especially on the area of interest. Repeat this several times a day.

      CBD balms are only for topical use, which means you should only apply it to the skin.


      CBD balms are usually produced as a completely natural product without chemical additives, preservatives, or even dyes. This quality should give you more rest of mind that you are safe from harmful side effects.

      Because CBD does not contain any THC, using CBD balms, will not make you feel high. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) says that CBD is believed to be safe. The fact that our bodies react to varying substances differently cannot be underemphasized. Some people may get the one or more of the following experience from CBD usage:

      • Diarrhea
      • Fatigue 
      • Changes in weight
      • Changes in appetite

      Incorporating  CBD products into your regimen can  potentially  interact with some medications. It is advised to seek your doctor's consent if you are on other medications before starting to use CBD .

      Generally topical CBD products don't cause any of the above side effects, but we advise you to look at the ingredients used in preparing them to ensure you're not allergic to them.

      Also, don't use CBD balms on broken skin. Do a patch test by applying a small quantity in a small region before totally rubbing it in. This will allow you to discontinue use if reactions occur..


      At the federal level, taking CBD products (with less than 0.3% THC) is legal, but still illegal under some state laws.  Each state has individual mandates concerning hemp and CBD that should be reviewed before purchasing and not overlooked.


      CBD balms have important healing benefits and also have distinctive features compared to other CBD topical products. Some of which are its immediate skin penetrating ability and its instant effect on target areas.

      Though research on CBD is still developing,  evidence has revealed its potential. It is essential to seek your doctor's consent before and during your CBD routine. This will make it easy to note if there are specific interactions with your medications



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