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Oluwatosin Ajayi

Samantha and the Boys

Samantha could feel the boredom settling into her bones the moment she woke up, it was week two of quarantine and she was running out of things to do.

She sighed and sat up in bed, looking around her room in the dull light of the morning. It was spotless, as was the rest of her apartment since she had spent a few days cleaning it. She had completed her work assignment for the week in a couple of hours on and she was completely caught up on all her favorite shows.

There was nothing left to do.

She laid back and grabbed her phone off the bedside table, opening Instagram she scrolled slowly. After fifteen minutes of likes and comments, she came across a post from a CBD company she had followed after meeting them at a pop-up.

They were having some sort of 420 events, getting on live for a “Night of Healing with Cannabis.” It looked nice, and seemed like a good way to spend a few hours of her time. She clicked on their page and scrolled down; stopping on a post about the agave sticks they had in stock. 

She hummed and slowly pushed herself out of bed, she had gotten a sample from their booth, and if she was right, it was one of those sticks. It was small, so she opened the pockets and zippers in her purse first and found it at the bottom of the third one. 

She flipped on the light in her room and rubbed her eyes before reading the label on the small stick in her hands. 25mg, that didn’t seem like a lot, although she wouldn’t know, she had never tried CBD or THC before.

She put the stick down on her dresser and thought about that as she went to brush her teeth, 24 and she had never tried weed. She had nothing against it, all her friends used it to some degree and they didn’t make fun of her “maybe next time!” attitude. She lived in a legal state; dispensaries were essential, there wasn’t any reason for her not to smoke. Maybe that’s what she would do today.

Once her teeth were clean, she took the CBD stick into the kitchen and started the kettle for a small cup of tea. While she waited for the water to get hot, she opened Snapchat and posted it to her story. “Which dispensary should I try out for my first time getting high?”

She put on some music and watched the sunrise as she waited for the day to start.


Sam sipped on her CBD infused tea as she scrolled through the suggestions she was sent, some people that she hadn’t spoken to in months had even hit her up with different places, brands, and strains for her to try. She actually ended up having long conversations with several of the people who messaged her that went well past the topic of weed.

As she spoke to her friends, she could feel the Holistic Remedies Agave stick’s calming effect rolling through her. Her shoulders slumped as the stress drained out of them; she rubbed the back of her neck as she wondered ‘have I always been this tense’

She shrugged and opened her laptop, pulling up the sites recommended to her so she could look at the different menus. She used her limited knowledge of weed to narrow it down to three different stores and sent a snap to her two best friends asking for their opinions.

Barely a minute passed before both of them were blowing up her phone, freaking out that today was finally the day.

Samantha smiled at her phone and responded to her friends

‘yes this is happening, yes I’m excited, love you too, I don’t know what I’m buying yet but I’ll let you know.’

They both wanted to video chat with her once she got her order, she mentioned them to each other and within minutes she had been roped into a group call with her two best friends.

They had only met once and didn't talk much outside of her influence but there was no way either of them was missing her first time getting high. She had known Sebastian and Markus for years, and though they ran in completely different circles, she knew they had the same opinion on weed.

Samantha talked to them both for a bit, and they helped her narrow down the choice to one single store. They both suggested that she get something prerolled or a low dose edible and she was inclined to listen to them. They had both been smoking for years; Sebastian had been smoking for longer than they had known each other. If anyone knew what they were talking about, it would be her two best friends.

She had a big smile on her face as she shopped, in part from the CBD calming her muscles and relaxing her body, and in part from her excitement. It would be over discord, but she was going to have her first every smoke sesh with her two best friends.

This was exactly what she needed today.


When Samantha opened the dispensary website, she was more than a little overwhelmed. There were so many options, brands, and strains, she had no idea where to start. There were edibles, flowers, pre-roll, vapes, even drinks!

She scrolled down the page in amazement; there were carts that claimed to alter your mood and topicals that would apparently be able to relieve any and all pain. There was even a tab for 420 specials, she scrolled mindlessly for a few minutes before she realized she was getting nowhere.

She minimized the window and opened discord; starting a chat with her two best friends, she messaged:

‘Having trouble making a choice, anyone free to help?’

Sebastian messaged her back instantly

‘I’m free! Calling now’

A few seconds later the melodic ring of the discord call came trilling from her computer. She plugged in her headphones, clicked accept, and smiled at her friend’s face on the screen.



“Ahh I’m so excited!” He smiled brightly at her. “Okay, what do you have so far?”

“Literally nothing,” She laughed. “I have no idea where to start.”

“No problem girl I got you, send me the link to the site you’re on.”

She sent Sebastian the link and he scoffed,

“Okay I understand, this is a lot for a beginner.”

“It is, but I’ve been looking for a while and now I have questions.”

“Ask away.”

They talked for the next twenty minutes, he answered all of her questions and by the end of their conversation, she had a cart filled with “beginner” items for her to try.

She got three different pre-rolled jays, a Sativa, Indica, and a hybrid. A “premium” blunt mixed with THC and CBD, and two low dose edibles. Sebastian said she didn’t need to buy actual flower and accessories to smoke it with, she should make sure she actually liked weed before went all-in on glassware.

He talked to her about how the different strains would affect her mentally and physically. He warned her not to take too many edibles at a time, how even low doses can knock you out if you don’t know what you’re doing.

She was so excited, all she had to do was press order and they would be delivered to her within the hour. She completed her purchase and they both cheered before falling out into laughter.

Sebastian wiped his eyes and Samantha felt her heart get warm. Here she was, smiling at her friend through the screen despite being thousands of miles away, waiting for weed to be delivered to her front door. She sighed happily and laughed again as she said:

“We really are living in the future.”


Samantha stayed on Discord with Sebastian while she waited for her delivery, and after twenty minutes, Markus messaged her that he was free. It took a second but she was able to add him to the call with minimal effort.




They laughed and exchanged pleasant “how are you’s” before Markus yelled out,

“Where the weed at!?”

Samantha and Sebastian laughed and she told him that she was still waiting for it to be delivered. He asked, “So what did you order?” and she opened her cart so she could read him back the list of items.

“Sebastian helped me pick them out; also it says they just left the store so they should be here soon!”

“Excellent! And Excellent choices,” Markus cleared his throat before asking, “So, Sebastian, how long have you been smoking?” 

“Oh,” He sounded pleasantly surprised. “I started smoking when I was 18.” 

“Me too, It was one of the first things I did when I got to college,” Markus said with a laugh.

 “I think it took me a little longer,” Sebastian hummed before speaking again. “I had an edible at a party because they were out of jungle juice.” They could see him shrug on the screen and Samantha laughed.

“Yeah I remember that you could barely make it back to your room that night but you had the time of your life.”

“That’s right,” Markus said. “You two went to college together.”

 They shared stories about college for a while, weed-related or otherwise, and enjoyed each other’s company until Samantha heard a ding from her computer and then her doorbell. 

“My weeds here!”

She could hear them cheer as she got up to retrieve her order; it was a contactless delivery so the bag was waiting for her outside of her apartment. She picked it up with a gloved hand and emptied the contents onto her bed, discarding the garbage.

She looked around her apartment and grabbed an empty can to use as an ashtray before slipping back under her covers quickly. 

“Is everything there?”

“Yes! And they threw in a free gram of flower!”

“Ohh nice!” Markus moved away from his computer for a minute and reappeared with a blunt in his hand. “You got bud, Sebastian? Let’s do a virtual smoke sesh.” 

“Great idea!” He disappeared for a few minutes himself and came back with a vape cartridge and all the components to roll a blunt of his own.

 “Guess I’ll try my infused blunt first then.” She picked it out of the products strewn across her bed and showed it to the camera happily. “Let’s get this party started!”

Written by Alexis Smith

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