Our Trip To Boston

Oluwatosin Ajayi

Boston was a quick getaway but a much needed one. We went to Boston back in March to literally work! We dedicated one day to balancing our books for tax season, taking new pictures for our website and brainstorming new product ideas. Of course, we also did some cutesy things too like make a special breakfast for us and spend time watching Game of Thrones together.

This is our first year filing taxes for Holistic Remedies LLC. One tip we would give to new business owners is to keep your records organized. We created a google doc where we document each and every transaction we make for Holistic Remedies LLC. That includes lunch meetings and  work trips too—- you can write it off on your taxes! Also, we recommend that you only use your business account for business purposes only. Mixing pleasure and business will only make for a tedious bookkeeping experience and we definitely want to spare each of you from the headache that comes with that. 

We took some awesome pictures too! Both of us are frequent Air Bnb users and we found the perfect picturesque place to stay. From the perfectly tufted pillows, cool wall art, and colorful kitchen decor, we loved the design of our cozy getaway. 

For breakfast, we indulged indulged in French toast, scrambled eggs and baked turkey sausage. For drizzle, we used pure agave— the best! It’s important that we still find time for ourselves as we work towards our goals. The best part about doing this business and that we’re figuring it all out with our best friend— each other. 


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