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Precious Ade

The end of the year is the most exciting part of the year for many reasons. Sharing love and gifts is one of them. It is also the time for shopping and mad fun! 

If you are looking to buy great gifts for your family and friends without breaking the bank, this is the right place. In this holiday season, love, value and sharing are important. 

For this reason, we have compiled an awesome list of picks for you. In this list, you will find affordable cannabis products. They are not only affordable, they will also make the moment sparkle and memorable. Check the list out! 


Our Favorite Products

CBD Healing Balm

As the name suggests, the HR Healing Balm can be used to treat the body to optimum health. You can be sure that it will leave the skin of your loved ones feeling smooth and restored. Our healing balm is infused with 150MG CBD (cannabidiol) and keeps the skin fresh all day long. 

An amazing fact about the HR Healing Balm is that it helps in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function. It also relieves pain. Therefore, your loved ones will enjoy this while the balm lasts. 

Holidays are for fun and a perfectly functioning body is a delight!  

Hemp Seed Body Butter

The HR Hemp Seed Body Butter is the second on the list of our favorite products. The reason is because it is worth it's price. This HR Hemp Seed Body Butter nourishes the skin and helps keep it moisturized. 

This product is a rich source of antioxidants beneficial to skin. It is also derived from the hemp plant and soothes the skin anytime of the day.

You should buy this product for your loved ones if you are looking to prevent dryness and irritation from hindering their fun. This is common during the winter months due to the cold temperatures and dry air. 

Love Sack

What do you say when you see a collection of amazing items? “Wow!” ‘This is lovely!”? Well, the Love Sack is one great collection! It is a combination of hand made Hemp Seed Body Butters and the Healing Balm. This means that a buyer will get a chance to enjoy ultra-rich hydration and healing--ll in one collection!  

The Love Sack is packaged in a black organza. It contains four variants of emp Seed Body Butter and a CBD healing balm. Each of the Hemp Seed Body Butters has a unique scent. What a luxury pack! Get your Love Sack here.

Personal Picks for Gifts

Licking Lotus  

The Licking Lotus is your best bet if you want to help loved ones create great sensual moments this holiday. It is a herbal elixir and aphrodisiac with a sweet taste. 

Licking Lotus is a unique blend of grapefruit, pineapple, organic honey, barbancourt, and vanilla. This sets users in the mood and stimulates love making. Make their holiday sparkle with love and pleasure here.


Khalifa Kush

Depression, migraine or anxiety might come knocking during the holiday! Gift your loved ones a bud of Khalifa Kush to combat all of them like a champ! 

Khalifa Kush is a cannabis strain for creating uplifted moods and a good support for liveliness. It is available in different flavours namely; citrus, pine, lemon, earthy and pungent. You can express your love to family and friends by buying this for them. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Use this gift wrapping idea to package awesome gifts for your loved ones. None of these ideas requires much skill, money or time. Are you ready for it?

With these creative ideas you will create "wow" moments for your family and friends. Seeing the excitement on their face is memorable and will strengthen your love! 

Paper Shopping Bag in Style 

What do you know about paper shopping bags? We guess your answer is that they are foldable and disposable. They are a good fit to design your festive gift wrap. You can make it easier by selecting papers with holiday theme patterns. This is a recycles in style since you are reusing shopping bag papers. You can add a beautiful string or ribbon to make it unique. 

Tag with Love 

There is more to tags when they are used on gifts. They are added to show love, goodwill and create uniqueness. Adorn your paper gift wrap with a new ribbon or string. Give finishing touches by adding a gold foil holiday tag. Who doesn't like such gifts? 

3D Wrapping 

Got younger folks you want to surprise this holiday? Express your love for them with a 3D gift wrap. You can create your beautiful gift wrap using colour pencils and crayons or glueing on toys like building blocks, or cars. You will find ideas in children storybooks, and cartoons. 

Rustic Wrap

What comes to your mind when you see a rustic gift wrap? Simple, peasant style? Correct! A rustic gift wrap is simple and natural. It also emphasizes the message of Christmas celebration. Therefore, it is suitable for Christmas gifts. To make a good, rustic wrap, get a solid-colored paper and a gift tag. Use a decorative twine or cord to secure the evergreen leaves. The evergreen leaves nails the rustic theme!

Chalkboard Effect 

Chalkboard Effect

Just as the name suggests, the chalkboard employs the white and black colour theme. However, you do not need chalks. Rather, a white marker is used on a black paper. Design custom images and messages on the paper. Your loved ones will be happy to read your thoughtful message. 

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