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Holistic Remedies is Touring Brooklyn this summer! **New location added***

This summer, we’re touring Brooklyn! Five days throughout the summer, we’ll be popping up around the borough to spread love and healing in the community. We kicked off the tour last Saturday at the M.A.M.A Festival, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!


During the tour, we will announce the exact pop-up locations on our blog.

We changed our third date on the tour to

Saturday, August 10th

10 am to 2 pm 

Catch us in Williamsburg on Bedford between N 5th and N 6th. 


A friend asked us some questions about the “Holistic Remedies Meets BK’ Tour and we hope you find them interesting! Sound off below in the comments if you are curious about anything else—we love getting to know you.

How did the idea of touring in Brooklyn come up? 

We love Brooklyn! One of our founders is from Brooklyn and we have a lot of supporters in Brooklyn. Last summer, we did a few vendor pop-ups in Williamsburg and every time we did, we met really amazing people.

What’s one of your favorite memories in Brooklyn?

Curl Fest last summer was so much fun! We met so many cool people when we walked around sampling our product. We’re hoping to go to Curl Fest this year too so we can continue spreading that “love in a jar” glow. If we could describe the environment of Curl Fest, we would call it “Melanated Magic” ha! The atmosphere is full of vibrant African prints and radiant faces—it was seriously great vibes. We also met a guy who ended up being a repeat customer for us. It’s a sweet memory-- I can still remember how much he loved the Hempseed Body Butter when he first smelled our Cinnamon Citrus scent.

When someone says Brooklyn, what’s the first thing you think of?

This may sound cliché, but we think about Biggie! He is one of Brooklyn’s most loved artists and he represents the beloved culture of BK! We also love listening to Biggie. He’s an artist that brought the two of us closer when we first started dating. Fun Fact—Tosin and Isaiah can talk about Hip Hop for hours at a time! Isaiah’s love for Biggie really impressed Tosin when they met, and they still zone out, listening to Notorious Thugs every now and again.

Describe Brooklyn using 3 words.

Isaiah: vibrant, history, culture

Tosin: eclectic, community, edgy

What parts of Brooklyn are you visiting this summer for the “Holistic Remedies Meets BK” Tour?

Honestly, any part of Brooklyn! We know that we’ll be visiting Williamsburg, Prospect Park, and Downtown Brooklyn. Let us know if there’s anywhere you want us to go and we’ll try our best to make it!

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