Bridging the Eight Pillars of Wellness with Cannabis at upLIFTED.

Oluwatosin Ajayi

Bringing the Eight Pillars of Wellness to Orange, NJ

On Saturday, August 27TH, three dynamic identities–Holistic Remedies LLC, Stallion Fitness LLC, and Legacy Farmers–partnered to present, upLIFTED- Securing Abundance Through Intentional Living; The Application of The 8 Pillars of Wellness. The event was hosted in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ at Zeal Cre8tive Studio. Together, they created an inclusive space for people journeying to peace, looking to give and receive inspiration, and for those who appreciate good quality flower.

The eight pillars of wellness were highlighted in this event to convey the story that wellness is multi-dimensional and interconnected through eight vantage points: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and financial. The event also acknowledged that cannabis could help one achieve wellness when used intentionally and with purpose.  

At the root of this event are two Christian women, Jennifer Eluwa of Stallion Fitness LLC, and Tosin Ajayi of Holistic Remedies LLC, who attend the same catholic church and consider themselves sisters in Christ. They also share a passion for the cannabis plant and do not shy away from discourse about the differences between being “spiritual” vs “religious” as it relates to wellness and to cannabis. As moderators for the panel, they welcomed discussion from all points of view.
Event attendees experienced a guided yet challenging workout with Stallion Fitness.
Dox Diggla led a meditation session to center minds and bodies with stillness.
The day concluded with an impactful conversation about the eight pillars of wellness featuring our special guests...

Special Guests

  • Licensed NJ Adult-use cannabis cultivator and plant shop owner, Shayla Cabrera
  • Financial Wellness Educator, Investor and Entrepreneur, Gislaina Riche
  • Artivist, Acclaimed Photojournalist, and Community Organizer, Joseph Sir Moore
  • Meditation Guru, Life Coach, and Relationship Counselor, Dox Diggla
  • Owner of Blueberry Cafe, Alkaline Wellness Expert, and 5x time plant-based entrepreneur, Rashena Burroughs


A Plant-Based Pop-Up Shop included Holistic Remedies LLC and Legacy Farmers. Zucchini Muffins from Blueberry Café

Some questions asked at the event were:

  • Has cannabis been incremental or detrimental to your wellness journey?
  • Do you think wellness is achievable without a spiritual backbone?
  • How important is spirituality/ religion to being successful in life?
  • Do you agree that healing and reaching wellness must stem from deciding to change and self-develop?
While asked about her relationship between cannabis and spirituality, Rashena Burroughs replied with a question of her own— “what frequency is cannabis on?”, emphasizing that she brainstormed many of her business ideas while using the plant.

Biggest Event takeaways

 Overall, upLIFTED did what it sought to do—bring people together to achieve holistic wellness in a 420-friendly environment while highlighting the intersection of cannabis and spirituality … there will be future upLIFTED events!

The event’s program included a guided workout, meditation, and a curated holistic conversation with masters in spiritual, social, physical, environmental, and financial wellness. Some key takeaways were:

  • Make time to sit with oneself in stillness and recenter.
  • Stay active and move your body
  • Support inclusive spaces that foster relationships and close generational gaps
  • Be intentional about your cannabis use and how it can help or hinder your wellness journey
  • Network, and collaborate with your community to reach your goals
  • Fill your empty cup with spirituality to help prevent burnout

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