7 Ways Hemp Can Improve Your Skin’s Health

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ways hemp can improve the skin

Seeing the word “hemp” associated with skincare probably has you shocked, right? 

Maybe you have heard bleak sentiments and seen lots of clips perpetuating a negative stigma around cannabis, or even witnessed many scenarios promoting pessimism about its use. 

Well, this time you’ll learn about the positive side of hemp and discover more about the astonishing plant!

Despite the common critiques of hemp-- "it’s illegal," "it’s dangerous for your health," "hemp users are criminals," and many other sentiments you might have heard about hemp--there are many beneficial sides to hemp that you probably have not explored yet. 

One of the most significant ways to use hemp and it’s amazing benefits are during your  skincare routine. 

Hemp seed is a nut obtained from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), and from this nut, we get hemp seed oil and hemp seed butter, which are of great use for your skin.

Hemp is easily formulated  for skincare when  hemp seed oil is blended with high-intensity, creating a buttery texture rich in essential fatty acids. 

You may have questions---How are these hemp products used? Will Hemp Seed Oil/Body Butter make me Sleep? 

What are the differences between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil? Join us as these, and a lot more questions would be answered. 

Differences Between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

Many people always mistake "hemp oil" and "hemp seed oil as the same thing. These two are very different products. 

Hemp oil, also called cannabidiol oil or CBD oil, is obtained from the stalk, flowers, and hemp plants' leaves. 

It contains cannabidiol in very high strength, and it also has various health benefits.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is obtained from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). 

The seed does not contain CBD, but still, it has a rich profile of nutrients. It contains fatty acids and other useful bioactive compounds, which also have many health benefits. 

A study showed that hemp seed oil contains many nutritional antioxidants. It is high in vitamins B and vitamin D. 

It doesn't get people high due to the absence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and small or no CBD in it. 

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil/Butter for Skin

Hemp seed oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seed and can be made into a butter form by mixing it in a high-speed blender. 

Here are unique ways it can make a difference in your skin;

1. Fighter of Acne

Hemp seed oil reduces acne, which is caused by excess oil. Unlike coconut oil, which sits on the surface of the skin like a film, the hemp seed oil is absorbent and does not clog pores. 

Dryness of the skin can cause your skin to overproduce oil and through that results in acne. Hemp seed oil regulates oil and sebum production. 

A research in 2014 concluded that ingesting oil from hemp seed could be a potent acne treatment.

2. Perfect skin moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent

The hemp seed oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. 

GLA promotes skin growth and new cell formation. It helps to calm skin irritations and inflammation on the skin like psoriasis. 

Hemp seed oil is perfect for your dry skin or dry hair because of its ability to retain moisture; it is a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin.

3. Reduces Aging Effect

No one wants wrinkles and fine lines on their skin irrespective of their ages. 

If you want your skin to remain youthful and hydrated, you should include hemp seed oil or our Hemp Seed Body Butter into your cosmetics now. 

The lipids, fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, and different vitamins present in hemp seed oil prevent aging signs. 

It makes the skin look plump, reducing wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

4. Treat Dry Flakey Scalp and Brittle Nails

Hemp seed oil or hemp butter contains omega essential fatty acids that soothe and moisturize your head's hair follicles—thereby treating dry, flakey scalp.

Its moisturizing effect is an excellent way to eliminate dandruff and pain caused by a dry flakey scalp. 

Painting your nails might  make you look “on fleek” but it will also make your nails grow slower and weaker. 

Surprised?? Hemp seed oil is excellent for healing cuticles and strengthening nails because it contains amino acids that aid in protein building.

5. Anti-eczema Agent

The anti-inflammatory qualities of hemp seed butter or hemp seed oil make it helpful in fighting eczema. 

Eczema, like other skin conditions, appear due to an imbalance in natural acids. Taking hemp seed oil can promote your body’s immunity and while treating skin issues concurrently.

A 20-week study comparing an olive oil and hemp seed oil when ingested, indicated that the group taking hemp seed oil saw a reduction in skin irritation, dryness, and skin itchiness.

6. Friendly to all skin types

If you have ever wondered why one skin product works for some people and does not for you or why a product would work for you, and another does not, it is because people have varying skin types.

For instance, some people may have a blend of normal and dry skin, like oily skin on the face, forehead, and dry skin on other parts of the body. 

Some can even have normal skin, yet very sensitive skin. This means that they will react to ingredients in the same product differently.

One of the benefits of hemp seed oil  is that it tends to work for all skin types, even when you get older and the quality of your skin changes.

7. Increases oxygenation to the skin

Oxygenation, in this context, means bringing oxygen to the skin. Thankfully the vitamin E content of hemp seed oil helps improve the skin from the inside. 

Vitamin E also boosts red blood cells' production, taking  oxygen to all parts of the body. This vitamin can also improve blood vessels' dilation, allowing the proper flow of blood to reach their destination more efficiently. 

Therefore, ensuring the skin is kept healthy with oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil/ Body Butter for Skin

There are different methods of using Hemp seed oil or butter for the benefit of the skin.

Topical use of hemp seed oil 

Directly applying hemp oil to the skin works for immediate relief from irritation or dry patches.

The following steps explain how to use hemp seed oil for your skin topically.

Step 1: Wash the affected area you are applying the oil or butter to with fresh water and dry.

Step 2: Gently apply a small portion of the oil or butter on the desired area. Make sure it is entirely absorbed into the skin.

Do this with caution to avoid irritation or pain to the skin.

Step 3: For intensive therapy, cover the area with a bandage and leave it there for 24 hours. Also, be careful not to get the bandage wet.

Caveat: When you see any redness, itching, burning, or other irritation, it shows that you are sensitive to the oil, and you should stop using it. 

If you notice this, immediately remove the bandage and wash the spot with soap and water.

How to Combine Hemp Seed Oil with Essential Oils 

The hemp seed oil can also be mixed with other soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Did you know this Wild Lavendula Hemp Seed Body Butter mixes hemp seed oil with lavender?

To mix hemp oil with essential oils you need;

  • A quarter cup of hemp seed
  • Two teaspoons of melted coconut oil 
  • 4 to 5 drops of essential oils such as lavender or rosemary

Caveat: Lavender or rosemary can only be used topically. 

How to use Hemp Seed Body Butter

Apply generously to the affected area of your skin after showering. It can be used topically on your entire body every day, as needed. 

Our Hemp Seed Body Butter contains hemp seed oil in the right proportion for maximum wellness and  terrific health benefits. 

Will Hemp Seed Oil/Body Butter Tighten my Skin?

Hemp seed oil/Hemp seed body butter forms a protective barrier on the skin, which limits the loss of moisture. If you have large pores, it can help reduce and tighten them, leaving your skin more youthful!

Will Hemp Seed Oil/Body Relieve My Pain?

Many people use the hemp seed oil as a form of natural pain relief because it reduces pain when ingested through the mouth or applied on the surface of the skin.

Its anti-inflammatory features make it a lifesaver for any inflammatory based health problems such as joint pain caused by arthritis.So, yes, it relieves pain.

Will Hemp Seed Oil/Body Butter make me Sleep?

Considering that hemp seed oil does not contain CBD and THC, much attention would need to be given to its properties to answer this question. 

In recent studies, there has been a link between antioxidants and staying asleep. Hemp seed oil is rich in antioxidants.

There is a high amount of Omega 3’s & 6’s in hemp seed oil, which reduces inflammation and improves the quality of sleep.

Several studies are still ongoing to confirm whether hemp seed oil actually causes you to sleep. It has instead been seen to improve the quality of sleep.

Our Parting Word

We strongly recommend that you use hemp seed oil or butter for your skincare routine. 

It is safe to use for all body types, and it moisturizes your skin from the inside-out. 

The Hemp Seed Body Butter from Holistic Remedies LLC contains hemp seed oil and a ton of  other beneficial ingredients to take advantage of, giving your skin the look and feel of your dreams!



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